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The Foundation is managing projects and programmes as an agency on behalf of its associates. We welcome NGOs, individuals and organisations interested in becoming a part of our developmental programmes. Any project of associates’ choice will be taken up as a joint venture programme that will be implemented separately in the name and direct participation of such individuals or organisations. Vanadurgi Foundation believes that collaboration with government and like-minded organisations and prospective individuals will speed up the developmental process to extend maximum benefits, support and services.

Collaboration projects are managed in a transparent and honest manner by according utmost priority to associates’ satisfaction. The Foundation does not raise any funds for itself, and whatever donations it receives will be passed on to identified beneficiaries in the name of donors. Vanadurgi Group itself is a main contributor to the Foundation, providing several projects and financial assistance to programmes. Therefore, rest assured that the money will reach the beneficiary without unnecessary expenses.

The Foundation has a good team of volunteers to design, identify and implement its programmes. Since the involvement of like-minded volunteers is essential to make a difference in the world, we call upon full-time and part-time volunteers to pool in their resources, energy and rich experience to further our noble cause of lending a helping hand to the underprivileged.

Lend your support to make agriculture more sustainable. You can help reduce unemployment through our rural development programmes. Empower someone with a job and pull them, not just out of unemployment, but poverty too! Be a part of our organic movement and assist our agricultural areas to be productive for future. Support us to create a greener world for today, and tomorrow. Join hands in our programmes and make them a big success.

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