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All human beings, especially the privileged and the prosperous, have a duty towards the world at large, particularly the less fortunate ones. Environmental responsibility should also be a priority, to prevent global warming and climate change. At Vanadurgi Foundation, the dream is to have a village without poverty and create a greener world, for today, and tomorrow. The Foundation has been carrying out need-based welfare and integrated programmes for community development along with environment conservation.

The Foundation includes executive members from all walks of life, who are interested in social welfare, and believe in the rights of individuals. Vanadurgi Group is a major contributor for several welfare programmes, along with the active support of executive members and donors. The Foundation is also managing projects and programmes as an agency on behalf of its associates. Our mission is to conserve environment by promoting tree planting, reduce unemployment through rural development programmes, promote organic methods of farming to make our agricultural areas productive for future, and spread the message that small families are always good. Do your part – join us today and give people a new hope.

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