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Vanadurgi Foundation does not raise funds for itself. Our donation platform allows you to support the cause of your choice. We connect the donor to the beneficiary. Whatever donations the organisation receives will be passed on to the identified cause in the name of donors. Money is guaranteed to reach the needy and we tell you exactly where your money went. We provide you with a detailed feedback on the utilisation of your contribution, and also give you proof of it through a feedback report. Do your part donate today and give people a new hope. Your contribution can be utilised for any of the programmes mentioned below. Also mentioned is the donation amount each programme attracts.

Tree promotion:

Purpose Amount(Rs)
Sponsor 5 fruit tree saplings to a labourer with a small home 800
Donate 50 valuable tree saplings to a poor farmer 1,500
Restore groundwater with 10 rainwater harvesting pits 3,000
Help to organise a tree promotion function at a village 2,000

Organic movement:

Purpose Amount(Rs)
Part-donation for constructing a earthworm multiplying unit 1,500
Contribute towards the expenses of attending an organic inputs production training 500
Provide organic seeds of paddy for one acre of land 4,000
Support a poor farmer to reconstruct a cow shed 3,000

Farmers’ empowerment:

Purpose Amount(Rs)
Organising a field day at a progressive farmers’ farm 4,000
Part-expenses of printing a handbook on plantation crops 5,000
Support part-payment for digging a borewell 10,000
Help a poor farmer to adopt the inter-cropping system in his farm 2,000

Rural development:

Purpose Amount(Rs)
Computer education for a school dropout girl 2,500
Part-funding for a self-help group to establish a small scale industry 25,000
Pay monthly honorarium to volunteers of our NGO 4,000
Sponsor a skill training programme for a labourer 3,000

Population control:

Purpose Amount(Rs)
Award a family with a single grown up child in a village 5,000
Donate a year’s fees in a private school for a student from a small poor family 5,000
Organise the expenses of a group seminar for youth in a village 2,000
Pay the health insurance expenses of poor parents of a small family 3,000

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