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Organic movement

Organic farming has been practised in India for thousands of years now. The Green Revolution technology led to manyfold increase in the production of food grains, but made demands on water and other natural resources. The effect of these conventional methods by using high level chemical fertilisers and pesticides has resulted in the degradation of soil health. Increased use of agro-chemicals is polluting the water and atmosphere, thus impacting crop production and human health in a negative way. Organic is an ecological management production system that promotes and enhances biodiversity, biological cycles and soil biological activity. It is today’s need to conserve our land and make it productive for farming in the future too.

Vanadurgi Foundation educates farmers about the benefits of organic farming through its various programmes and activities. Vanadurgi Foundation, in association with Vanadurgi Flavours & Extracts Pvt. Ltd., works as an NGO for the organic certification of farmers’ lands. The varieties of crops include coffee, spices, fruits, vegetables etc., which are organically grown and certified. The facilities and plantations of Vanadurgi Group, along with its other farmers, are certified by Ecocert to the extent of 2,000 acres. Certification for vegetable crops is done by ADITI Organic Certification agency. The company’s target is to increase the area to 25,000 acres, covering 5,000 farmers in various locations of Karnataka, as well as for a few crops in other states.

The Foundation organises training programmes for farmers in manufacturing organic inputs and preparing vermi compost at their farm itself. It also includes the multiplication of micro-organisms such as trichoderma, azotobacter, pseudomonas etc. We also take care of the required documentation and government procedures to be followed, while also provide the much-needed helping hand to ensure that subsidies reach the farmers. By bearing all the costs involved, we ensure that the farmers’ lands get free organic certification through internationally accredited organisations. More importantly, we provide market support with buyers to purchase their farm produce for 30% premium price. The association with Vanadurgi Group has raised wonderful opportunities for the Foundation to implement its organic movement.


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