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Rural development

India is basically a country of villages, and non-progressive development is a serious evil of the rural society where 80 per cent of India’s total population lives. Unemployment is another major problem of rural India. Ineffective government policies, poor education system, bad infrastructure and inadequate facilities of transport and communication are further affecting employment creation. Booming economy in urban areas is resulting in rapid migration of rural population to cities. The problem of unemployment among educated rural youth is another major area of concern.

Vanadurgi Foundation, with the support of its associates, donors and the Vanadurgi Group, is engaged in the development of rural economy and employment creation. The Foundation is working to create avenues to ensure gainful employment to people in various locations. The poor and weaker sections in rural areas will be targeted and trained specially to suit his/ her personality in various fields. They will be provided with training to start their own enterprise, or put up in industries which can pay a better salary. We also offer special programmes in rural handicrafts.

The Foundation has planned several community development programmes including activities like sanitation and health care, and family welfare schemes for the poor. Since it will be difficult for the poor to own a house with their meagre earnings, in spite of some government support, the Foundation is assisting such families own houses by providing some part of the finance. If a poor man/woman has the idea of starting a business or trade, the Foundation will support him/her with start-up and working capital funds. To address the needs of medical care, Vanadurgi Foundation will work out group schemes through which the rural poor have a referral programme, which allows them medical facilities at a low cost.


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